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OUR STANDARD PLANTS, Alliance, Arctic Frost, Blackberry Jam, Blushing Fantasy, Crimson Ice, Dizzy Izzy - Chimera, Emerald City - Chimera, Eternal Orbit - Chimera semi-miniature, Firedancer - Chimera, Frozen In Time, Gillian, Lemon Kisses, Little Misty Blue Chimera - semi-miniature, Lyon's Plum Pudding, Ma's Arctic Sky, Ma's Cosmic Wonder, Ma's Double Cross Chimera, Ma's Glass Slipper, Ma's King Carnival - Chimera, Ma's Neon Lights, Ma's Party Music - Chimera, Ma's Pink Princess, Ma's Pretty Blue, Ma's Toxic Spill, Ma's Wonder Woman, Nancy Reagan, Neon Fantasy, Neptune's Jewels Chimera, Ness' Orange Pekoe, Okie Easter Bunny, Optical Illusion, Pauline Bartholomew - Chimera, Perfect Harmony, Pink Chablis, Pink Summit, Playful Spectrum, Pretty Miss Kelly, Purple Passion, Rainbow's Quiet Riot- Chimera, Rebel's Coral Jewel, Rebel's Minnesota Haze, Red Sleigh, Rob's Fe Fi Chimera, Rob's Lucky Charm- Chimera, Rob's Lucky Penny - Chimera, Sheer Romance, Silk and Lace, Skeeter, Smooch Me, Strawberry Fringe, Strawberry Spinner - Chimera, Strawberry Sundae, Sugar Plum Dream, Tomahawk, Victorian Ribbons, Voodo Magic, Windy Day.

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Hello, and welcome to African Violets ala Carte.

Our available collection can be seen on and and those plants can be purchased there - listed under the name "montanaman59701" on Ebay and African Viiolets ala Carte on

We do well with sales during the winter - and ship all year. Winter shipping is more tricky - but we guarantee success. Thank You!

The plants below are those available for sale right now. You can purchase them through PayPal right here - or call us to discuss your selections, make your decisions, and we will invoice you for your purchases and shipping. (We use combined shipping which greatly reduces the cost per plant.)

If you order in person, call us at 406 490 4931 or send an email to

All standard plants are $9.50 each - most are not in bloom and all are potted in 3 inch containers. Our collection of Russian plants are immediately below the standard items.

 Arctic Frost (S. Sorano) Semi-double white large star/variable blue‑marked eye, edge. Medium green. Standard 

Arctic Frost Plant - $9.50

Blackberry Jam (8184) 06/09/1995 (S. Sorano) Semi-double dark red‑purple star. Variegated dark green and white, plain, ovate/red back. Large

Blackberry Jam $9.50

Blushing Fantasy African Violet - Blushing Fantasy (S. Sorano) Semi double-double medium pink star/hot pink eye, dark blue fantasy. Dark green/red back. Standard

Gillian (8619) 06/16/1997 (D. Ferguson) Double white large star. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard

Gillian- $9.50

Lemon Kisses (S. Sorano) Semidouble­double white large star/variable yellow veins, blush. Medium green, ovate. Standard

Lemon Kisses Plant - $9.50

Ma's Toxic Spill (9701) 11/10/2006 (O. Robinson) Semidouble blue star/white and pink fantasy, blue‑purple rays. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back. Standard

Ma's Toxic Spill Plant - $9.50

Optical IllusionOptical Illusion (9941) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Double dark plum star/light pink fantasy. Dark green, ovate, quilted, serrated. Standard

Optical Illusion - $9.50

Rebel's Coral Jewel (9284) 11/12/2003 (R. Bann) Semidouble‑double coral‑pink large ruffled star. Variegated dark green and cream, ovate, quilted, glossy/red back. Standard

Rebel's Coral Jewel - $9.50

Sheer Romance (6752) 11/02/1987 (S. Sorano) Double pink star/white edge. Medium green, ovate. Large

Sheer Romance - $9.50

Silk n' LaceSilk & Lace #10244 (Lyndon Lyon/Sorano) Single white stars with pastel purple thumbprints outlined with darker purple watercolor. Standard medium green foliage. Standard (User Database).

Silk 'n Lace 9.50

Smooch Me (8776) 11/14/1998 (K. Stork) Single‑semi-double rose‑pink pansy/variable red eye. Dark green, quilted, glossy, serrated. Standard

Smooch Mel Plant - $9.50


Losos' Domashnii - Losos' Domashnii (10083) 08/07/2009 (K. Morev) Semidouble-double bright coral-salmon. Light green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr) [Home Salmon]

Russian Losos' Domashnii 9.50

Konfetka (Makuni) Double hot pink pansies with greenish-white edges. Medium green foliage Standard (User Database) [Candy-Sweetie]

Russian Konfetka

EK-Dama Serdtsa (10173) 01/02/2010 (E. Korshunova) Single bright ruby-red wavy large. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, longifolia. Standard (Russ/Ukr) [EK-Lady Love]

Russian EK-Dama Serdtsa

EK-Sady Semiramidy (10198) 01/02/2010 (E. Korshunova) Double dark red large. Medium green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr) [EK-Hanging Gardens]

Russian EK-Sady Semiramidy

Ocharovatel'naia (10057) 06/03/2009 (E. Arkhipov) Single-semidouble bright plum large star. Dark green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr) [Charming]

Russian Ocharovatel'naia

Volshebnye Sny (9634) 01/27/2006 (B. Makuni) Single-semidouble light blue star/variable lighter edge. Medium green, plain. Standard (Russ/Ukr) [Magic Dreams-NEW]

Russian Volshebnye Sny 9.50


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